We are dedicated to developing world-class leaders and influencers through character-based coaching, training, and consulting services. We use our professional skills to build personal relationships with leaders, helping them Grow—from the Inside Out.


  • Marketing Hard skills such as design, copy writing, web development, photography or videography are strongly preferred for this opportunity that will expose you to a wide variety of markets and fascinating communication challenges.
  • Information Technology Are you an aspiring programmer or systems administrator? Do you have the technical background to provide support for PC users? Hone your skills with real life problems in our IT intern program.
  • Business Training & Consulting Interns in this program are based out of our training office and are assigned to programs according to their skills and experience.
  • Language Training Our English Language training center has a variety of short term positions, and works with clients ranging from elementary children to professionals seeking business English.
  • Experiential Education Our world class high ropes course provides great opportunities for hands on experience and interaction with our widely varied clientele.

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  • All of our internships include project work and professional development opportunities, along with at least one service project.
  • Most internships are 6-12 weeks in length and align with your semesters in the Summer, Fall or Spring.
  • Internships can be completed for college credit. Check your school’s requirements.
  • Internships are a fundraising position, with the average intern needing to raise approximately 2600 – 3800 USD depending on the duration of the internship.