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We Are

A Korean kindergartner in Wuhan.
A growing family in Cairo.
A high-level executive in Qingdao.

At the global intersection of economics, technology, and politics, these individuals—those who are leaders and those who will be—influence the future of their communities, their countries, and the world.

For more than 30 years, we’ve provided leadership development services, including teaching, experiential learning, and family services, in China and around the world. These offerings lay the groundwork for the relationships at the heart of our work. It’s here we use our professional skills to impact people at a personal level and help them discover transformation—from the inside out.

Our Team

At LDi, we consider ourselves fortunate to be led by a team of forward-looking individuals who aren’t afraid of finding new and innovative ways to achieve our goals.

Mr. Martin Klopper


Martin grew up in Swaziland, South Africa, and the UK. In the UK he worked for a London-based international consulting company. Later he ran his own consulting, training and executive coaching company. He has lived in China on-and-off for more than eighteen years including nearly 5 years in Taiwan. Previously, he led a Hong Kong-based international company of 300 people from 22 countries with a portfolio of projects around China. During this time he got to know both Dr. Peter Regez (LDi’s previous CEO) and Roy Smith (now Managing Partner of QV UAE, a partner company) and through them, LDi.

Martin has served on the Boards of a number of organizations and has helped in organization change, turn-around and leadership succession situations. He enjoys being a part of the process of seeing individuals, teams and organizations exceed expectations of success, sometimes out of situations of failure. Before being named CEO in the Fall of 2014, Martin served as a Vice President in LDi responsible for LDiTraining.

Martin and Andrea have a child attending Tianjin International School and two living in the UK.

Mr. Randy Ebeling


Prior to joining LDi, Randy Ebeling worked at The University of Texas at Austin for 30 years, holding numerous positions during his tenure. Most recently, he served as Associate Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Information Technology Services, overseeing the centralized functions of administrative and academic computing, data networks and centers, campus telephony (voice) and video conferencing facilities. In his time with LDi, prior to his appointment as Corporate Secretary, Randy served for more than a decade as Executive Vice President of US Operations.

Dr. Scott Finnamore


Scott served with ISC from 1999-2010 as a principal at Tianjin International School, followed by 5 years as ISC superintendent. He is currently VP for Educational Services, where he focuses on new initiatives. He grew up overseas with parents who were educators. Scott’s passion is not only for serving international children and their families, but establishing private Chinese schools for Chinese children, as well as Chinese teacher training centers for Chinese educators. Scott and his wife, Angie, live in Tianjin along with their two children.

LDi Global Family

LDi Global

The parent company, Leadership Development International, has corporate offices in Atlanta, Tianjin and Beijing. Representing our work around the world, LDi connects people with opportunities to train, educate, build families, and to inspire through camps and sports.

LDi Education

LDi Education operates a network of K-12 international schools — International Schools of China — and provides educational management services (including hiring teachers) in the Middle East. Our students are the children of expatriates working for multinational companies. And their unique experiences today will influence how they lead the world tomorrow.

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LDi Training

As the longest established international training and coaching firm in China, LDi Training helps individuals and organizations grow from the inside out. We develop world-class leaders and influencers through character-based coaching, mentoring, training and consulting services.

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